Oral Health and Hygiene: Causes of Halitosis

Halitosis is commonly known as bad breath and it refers to the presence of an unpleasant odor in exhaled breath. The problem can be chronic or occur periodically depending on the causative issue. There are different sources of halitosis, and they are not all linked to poor dental and oral health. These causes include respiratory tract infections and systemic illnesses like sinus and liver diseases. If you do not have these conditions, the causal issue is in one of your oral structures. [Read More]

Cosmetic Dental Services that Actually Protect Your Oral Health

Wanting to get your teeth fixed so you can improve the appearance of your smile is reason enough to visit a cosmetic dentist, and there's nothing wrong with having any type of cosmetic procedure done for appearance alone. However, there are some cosmetic dental services that actually protect the health of your mouth and your gums. If you've been considering visiting a cosmetic dentist for any reason, you may want to think about how your oral health may be at risk, depending on the condition of your teeth. [Read More]

Fill Me In: The Pros And Cons Of Three Different Tooth Restoration Materials

Having a tooth filled is never a particularly pleasant procedure, but one that is unfortunately necessary for a badly decayed or damaged tooth. Without a proper filling to restore the tooth's strength and integrity, the tooth can damage the teeth and gums around it as it disintegrates. It also presents an easy avenue of infection for bacteria, that can lead to abscesses, pulp necrosis and even blood poisoning in rare cases. [Read More]

3 Lesser Known Causes Of Receding Gums

Nobody likes the pain and misery that comes with a badly receding gum line, so it's a safe bet that a lot of you will have done your research and know the most common causes of this condition. Gum disease, smoking, brushing your teeth too hard, or brushing with a stiff bristled brush are all among the most common causes of gum recession. But what if you practise excellent oral hygiene and your gums are still receding? [Read More]