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3 Ways Cosmetic Dentists are Using Botox to Improve Your Smile

If you haven't visited the dental chair recently, then you probably don't know about the innovations that Botox is bringing to cosmetic dentistry. You may also have the misconception that Botox treatments are only for fine lines and wrinkles or that they are only offered as a medical spa option.

The truth is, Botox treatments are being used by cosmetic dentists who are looking for ways to improve their clients smiles before and following certain procedures. Here are a few ways this treatment is used and what you should know about it:

Reduced Muscle Contraction

There are some procedures that may leave you with muscle contractions. This can cause pain and force your teeth to shift position. Instead of prescribing various pain killers, some dentists are turning to Botox to reduce muscle contractions and pain. The injection is given directly into the gums near and around the area of the cosmetic dentistry procedure. These also helps keep teeth aligned during the first few weeks following the orthodontic or dental procedure.

Filler Following Dentures

If you have been living with tooth decay, or with no teeth for an extended period of time then you may notice a difference in your facial structure after getting dentures. You may have some areas of your lips and cheeks that sag or that have more wrinkles than normal. In order to get the smile that you want, you may want to have these areas filled in and that is where the dental Botox injection comes in. Your dentist can use it to fill in the areas that are sagging and wrinkled to give your entire smile a lift. This is a procedure you may need to have repeated overtime.

Gummy Smiles

Gummy smiles is a term that is used to describe a smile where you see an excessive amount of the gum line. This can be due to several factors including having cosmetic dentistry to fix smiles like dentures. When the new dentures, for example, are placed you may find that your lips open more during your smile, which gives the impression they are too thin. If you want this fixed, your dentist can inject botox into your lips and gum line to give a unified look and fuller lips.

These are just three ways that cosmetic dentists are using botox to help their clients. During your next consultation, ask if this may be an option for you and what types of Botox injections would work best to achieve the goals you want in your smile.