A guide to tooth abscesses

A tooth abscess is a very painful dental condition which usually requires emergency treatment. Read on to learn more about this dental problem. What is a tooth abscess? A tooth abscess is an infected, pus-filled sack which develops inside a tooth. It is caused by a specific type of bacteria.   It is most likely to occur if a person develops a cavity and chooses not to get it filled in by their dentist, as this gap serves as an entryway that allows the harmful bacteria to enter the tooth and create an infection. [Read More]

The Evolution of Dentures: What Were Dentures Made from in the Past?

False teeth have come a long, long way. In fact, they have evolved over a span of at least 4,000 years, first being used by the Egyptians as part of a crude dental bridge to replace lost teeth. Back then, only the most esteemed in society would have had access to them. As time went on, however, dentures became more accessible to the general public. Unlike today's dentures, which are made to fit comfortably and actually resemble real teeth, the dentures of the past were both uncomfortable and made of some peculiar and shiver-inducing materials. [Read More]

Need Braces? What You Need to Know About Orthodontic Spacers

When your orthodontist tells you that you're going to need braces on your teeth, it's not always the case that your teeth will be ready. In some instances, the positioning of your teeth will need to be modified somewhat before they're ready to receive the braces. If the distance between your teeth is not sufficient for the insertion of braces, you might need to wear an orthodontic spacer for a short period of time. [Read More]

Dentistry: The Best Options for Your Dead or Lost Teeth Replacement

It is miserable when one loses their teeth. It may have been accidental, or the healthy human teeth were shedding. Here are a few options for replacing the lost teeth. Partial Dentures If you happen to have lost front teeth, you know how embarrassing it is. By having removable partial dentures, you can fill the space and reinstate the beauty of your smile. Dentures are artificial teeth that are put in place of lost teeth. [Read More]