4 Ways to Battle Bad Breath

If you are suffering from bad breath, you may be struggling to improve it. Some bad breath is caused by your oral hygiene routine, while in other cases it is from the medications you take or gum disease. Here are some different ways to battle your bad breath. Practice Good Oral Hygiene One of the most important things to do when you have bad breath is to improve your oral hygiene regimen. [Read More]

Deciding Between Removable Or Implanted Dental Plates

If you have lost all (or nearly all) of your teeth, your dentist will recommend that you get dental plates. A dental plate, also called a full denture, can either go on your upper or bottom jaw. Traditionally, all dental plates used to be removable. However, with the advent of implants, denture implants are now available as well. Below, find all the factors you will need to evaluate to decide whether to go for removable or implanted dentures. [Read More]

The Dos and Don'ts of Caring For Your Dentures

If you have dentures, it is important that you take good care of them. If you use the wrong cleaning product or place them in the wrong spot, you could do some serious damage to them. Here are some tips for caring for them, and things to avoid doing. Do: Have the dentures inspected by a dentist It is a common misconception that once you have a complete set of dentures, you no longer have to visit the dentist. [Read More]

How to Prevent Teeth Staining and Discolouration

If you currently have pearly whites, you might be looking for ways to protect the tooth enamel from staining and discolouration. While some cases of yellowing of the teeth occurs due to the natural aging process, other things actually speed up the process and make staining more noticeable. Here are some tips for preventing teeth staining and discolouration for as long as possible. Be Careful What You Drink Start by knowing what to drink and not to drink on a regular basis. [Read More]