Different Oral Sores and Infections You Could Develop

Oral infections and sores are something everyone has to contend with at one time or another. However, just because these sores and infections are common does not mean they should be brushed off. If you have developed a soft tissue irritation in your mouth whether on your inner cheeks or gums, it is prudent to establish what it is. This way, you would know what treatment options are best and whether they are a symptom of an underlying dental problem. [Read More]

Dental Services | 4 Smart Tricks To Stop Your Teeth From Turning Into An Unsightly Yellow Colour

Several issues can cause your teeth to turn yellow, whether it is related to genetics, your food habits or your oral hygiene. When people get older, they may notice visible yellow spots on their teeth. This typically happens as the tooth surface enamel fades because of everyday wear and tear. Most yellow stains can be removed at a professional dental services clinic, but what if you could find a few smart tricks to stop your teeth from turning into an unsightly yellow colour in the first place? [Read More]

How to enhance your appearance

A hectic daily schedule and an endless list of errands can often result in people neglecting their own well-being, including their physical appearance. Whilst looking a bit dishevelled certainly isn't the end of the world,  it can negatively affect your confidence levels which in turn can impact the way that you interact with others and your overall sense of happiness. If you'd like to put a bit more effort into your appearance but aren't sure where to begin, here are a few tips which will help you to look your best once again. [Read More]

Does Chewing Your Cheeks Damage Your Teeth?

Nervous habits, such as chewing the inside of your cheeks or mouth, aren't always great for your oral health. If you're a mouth chewer, your dentist may advise you to try to stop. While you may think that your dentist is just worried about damage to your soft tissues, chewing your cheeks may also give you problems with your teeth and gums. How does this work? Mouth Ulcers and Sores [Read More]