4 Tips to Keep Teeth Whiter after a Professional Whitening Procedure

After having a professional teeth whitening procedure, the goal is to keep the teeth as white as possible as long as possible. There are a number of ways to ensure that your teeth remain clean, and four tips that will help you do this can be found here. Following these tips will help to minimize how often you need to invest in professional whitening services. Use Whitening Toothpaste It is essential to visit the dentist to remove any stains and plaque; however, using a whitening toothpaste can also help with this each day.

Sjögren's Syndrome: Oral Symptoms And How They Can Be Treated

Sjögren's syndrome can be a debilitating and damaging chronic disease to live with, and many patients have to undergo a range of treatments to take care of various organs and body parts affected by the disease, so it's no surprise that dental care is often neglected. However, the symptoms of Sjögren's syndrome can cause a range of oral and dental disorders, so if you suffer from this relatively obscure auto-immune disorder, it's important to work closely with your dentist to mitigate the damage to your mouth that Sjögren's syndrome can cause.

Keeping your kids busy in the dentist's waiting room

Taking your children to the dentist can be a difficult process, particularly if they are scheduled for an invasive procedure. Before you enter the dentist's consult room, however, you may have an entirely different battle on your hands- keeping your children entertained and well-behaved in the waiting room. If your child has a dentist's visit coming up, check out these helpful tips for how to keep your kids busy in the dentist's waiting room.

What to Know Before Getting Dental Implants

If you have dental problems that lead to loss of one or more teeth that necessitate having a false tooth or set of teeth placed in your mouth, you may consider having dental implants. Dental implants involve a procedure where an oral surgeon surgically infuses an artificial tooth into the jawbone, providing a more permanent solution for tooth replacement. Dental implants offer a long-term option compared to other types of procedures such as bridges and dentures.

Dental Abscess: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

A dental abscess is a condition associated with the infection of the teeth, gums or the general surrounding tissue. The problem leads to inflammation and collection of pus around the affected area. Over time, the infection can spread to the nearby teeth and gum tissues in your mouth. There are two types of dental abscess issues: peri-apical and periodontal abscesses. The former occurs if you have a dental cavity that allows bacteria to penetrate the inner pulp cavity in the tooth.

Successful Dental Care for People With Arthritis: Five Things You Need

Taking care of your teeth when you have arthritis can be difficult, especially as you lose more and more of the manual dexterity and strength of your hands. If you or a loved one has arthritis, there are a range of surprising things that can make dental care easier. Here are five essentials you need. 1. Rubber Ball If you have trouble grasping your toothbrush, it can help to enlarge the handle.

3 Ways Cosmetic Dentists are Using Botox to Improve Your Smile

If you haven't visited the dental chair recently, then you probably don't know about the innovations that Botox is bringing to cosmetic dentistry. You may also have the misconception that Botox treatments are only for fine lines and wrinkles or that they are only offered as a medical spa option. The truth is, Botox treatments are being used by cosmetic dentists who are looking for ways to improve their clients smiles before and following certain procedures.

How to Find the Right Family Dentist

Finding a family dentist may seem easy considering the many dental care facilities around. However, getting the right dentist to meet the dental needs of the whole family is not a task that should be taken lightly. You need to find a dentist with adequate training and clinical experience in various dental procedures. The Internet is a good starting point to find good family dentists from your area. There are dentist rating sites where actual patients give reviews on different dentists depending on the dental services they received.

Oral Health and Hygiene: Causes of Halitosis

Halitosis is commonly known as bad breath and it refers to the presence of an unpleasant odor in exhaled breath. The problem can be chronic or occur periodically depending on the causative issue. There are different sources of halitosis, and they are not all linked to poor dental and oral health. These causes include respiratory tract infections and systemic illnesses like sinus and liver diseases. If you do not have these conditions, the causal issue is in one of your oral structures.

Cosmetic Dental Services that Actually Protect Your Oral Health

Wanting to get your teeth fixed so you can improve the appearance of your smile is reason enough to visit a cosmetic dentist, and there's nothing wrong with having any type of cosmetic procedure done for appearance alone. However, there are some cosmetic dental services that actually protect the health of your mouth and your gums. If you've been considering visiting a cosmetic dentist for any reason, you may want to think about how your oral health may be at risk, depending on the condition of your teeth.