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Different Causes of Soreness in Your Mouth

Having to endure a mouth ulcer is something most people will go through at one time or another. Typically, if the pain is mild, you can let it dissipate on its own. However, there are other causes of soreness in your mouth that may not be caused by mouth ulcers. Depending on the severity, you would have to either visit a dental clinic or self-medicate with over the counter drugs. What you should not do is ignore any soreness in your mouth if it has been present for a significant amount of time, as it could indicate a more serious underlying problem. Here are some of the different causes of soreness in your mouth and what you should do when experiencing this soreness.

Burns on your palate

One of the more common causes of soreness in the mouth is burns caused by hot food coming into contact with the roof of your mouth. This is very common with pizza to the point this type of soreness is nicknamed "pizza palate". This is because hot slices of pizza are more likely to cause these minor burns at the roof of your mouth. Nevertheless, you may also acquire these burns with hot beverages and other hot foods.

Typically, a burnt roof palate will dissipate on its own after a few days. If the pain is severe, you can visit your dental clinic and get a mouth sore rinse that will function to ease the pain sensation in the burnt areas. If the sores do not seem to be getting better on their own after a few days, it is best to see a dentist to ensure they are not developing an infection.

Canker sores

These types of sores will typically present themselves on your inner cheeks. However, they can also form at the roof of your mouth. Canker sores appear as round masses that are sensitive to touch. They tend to develop when your immune system has been compromised. Therefore, they can easily be triggered by having a diet with poor nutrition, increased stress levels, significant hormonal changes and more.

Since canker sores tend to hurt, it is recommended to visit a dentist so that they may prescribe for you a pain reliever as they heal. This will usually be in the form of a gel that can be applied directly onto the canker sores. It is also advisable to stick to bland foods when your canker sores are healing. This is because spices and chillies may irritate the canker sores and extend the healing process.