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Key Reasons to Have an Emergency Dentist's Contact Information

When you have a dental emergency, such as a knocked-out tooth, you should see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Sadly, many people don't have an emergency dentist's contact information for such situations. Some people think that they can drop by any dental clinic and have their problem addressed immediately. However, nothing could be further from the truth because dental emergencies are best handled by an emergency dentist. This article highlights reasons to keep an emergency dentist's contact information.

Improve the Chances of Treatment Success

Imagine your child crying and writhing in excruciating pain while you call your friends and research the internet for an emergency dentist nearby. It is the last thing you need, particularly during odd hours of the night. Spending crucial minutes looking for an available emergency dental clinic only wastes valuable time. For example, an emergency dentist has more of a chance of replanting a knocked-out tooth as long as you get to a clinic within two hours. Every second that passes after the 2-hour window reduces the chances of replanting a tooth, meaning that you might have to settle for a dental crown. Therefore, it is advisable to know an emergency dentist and their clinic since it proves handy in a dental crisis.

Reduce Risk of Infections 

When playing a contact sport and you fall hard on your face in the dirt and break or knock out a tooth, the severed and fresh soft tissue is exposed to all types of germs. It increases the risk of infection, and the situation could worsen if you don't know an emergency dental clinic to rush to. Although some people treat broken and knocked-out teeth as minor incidents, the consequences of delayed treatment can be dire. For example, failing to see an emergency dentist risks the spread of infection from your gums to the jaws and neck. You could also suffer severe conditions, such as cancer and hepatitis. Therefore, you should maintain the contact information or the location of an emergency dental clinic at all times to protect yourself against severe health complications.

Faster and Cost-Effective Treatment 

The longer you wait to treat a dental emergency, the higher the risk of infection is, prolonging the treatment and recovery times. Additionally, the cost of delayed emergency dental treatment and medication can quickly add up. Knowing an emergency dentist is essential because they can address any issue fast and prevent further damage to your teeth and gums. For instance, if you see an emergency dentist immediately after a tooth is knocked out, they may be able to replant it successfully. However, if you wait longer than necessary, you need a crown, a lengthy and costlier option than a simple tooth replant.

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