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Is it Time to Replace Your Tongue Scraper?

While it is common knowledge that brushing your teeth helps to maintain your dental health, few people realise that brushing your tongue can also play a significant role in helping to keep your teeth and gums healthy. The tongue is the ideal place for harmful bacteria to grow, so using a tongue scraper to remove bacteria from the tongue can help to keep your mouth healthy. However, tongue scrapers don't last forever. Read on to discover 3 signs its time to invest in a new tongue scraper. 

The scraper looks dull and feels smooth

A scraper requires a fine edge with which to lift bacteria away from your tongue. However, the friction created when you run the scraper over the surface of your tongue can cause this edge to soften slightly. When this occurs, you may notice that the edge of the scraper looks dull and feels smooth when you run your finger across it. A scraper that is in this condition will not be able to effectively remove bacteria from your mouth so, at this point, it is probably best to invest in a new one.

The scraper smells bad

If when you lift the tongue scraper to your mouth, you catch an unpleasant whiff, this could be a sign you need to buy a new one. The smell isn't anything you need to worry about. It is a result of bacteria which have been collected from your mouth and which have now set up home on your tongue scraper. While in one sense this proves that the scraper is doing its job by removing bacteria, in another it is bad news because it signals that you are potentially returning harmful bacteria to your mouth every time you use the instrument. 

The scraper bends too easily

Finally, you should be wary if your scraper begins to bend a little too easily when you use it. Scrapers are designed to be quite difficult to bend. This means that when you apply the instrument to your tongue, the taut design of the plastic generates additional pressure which helps it to reach deep down into the fibres of the soft tissue. However, with use, you may find the scraper becomes so flexible it no longer cleans your tongue effectively. In this case, it is time to buy a new tongue scraper.

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