Oral Health and Genetic Risk Factors

Cosmetic Dental Services that Actually Protect Your Oral Health

Wanting to get your teeth fixed so you can improve the appearance of your smile is reason enough to visit a cosmetic dentist, and there's nothing wrong with having any type of cosmetic procedure done for appearance alone. However, there are some cosmetic dental services that actually protect the health of your mouth and your gums.

If you've been considering visiting a cosmetic dentist for any reason, you may want to think about how your oral health may be at risk, depending on the condition of your teeth. Note the following.

1. Fixing chipped or broken teeth

Chipped or broken teeth can be very dangerous to your oral health, as they can scrape the inside of your cheeks or gums and in turn, you are at greater risk of an oral infection setting in. If the chip or break exposes the dentin or the soft tissue of the tooth, this too can get infected or otherwise damaged so that you would need a root canal, which is a type of surgery on this soft tissue. You may also have difficulty brushing a chipped or broken tooth so that germs and bacteria build up along the gum line, leading to gum disease.

A cosmetic dentist can build up a chipped or broken tooth with bonding or veneers, or put a cap over the tooth. This will cover the chipped area and protect your mouth.

2. Replacing missing teeth

Missing teeth are a risk for your mouth's health in a few ways. One is that the exposed gums where a tooth should be are more prone to holding germs and bacteria in that open pocket, so you are at greater risk of gum disease or tooth decay. The teeth next to that open area can also begin to shift into that open pocket, and they too can then become loose. One missing tooth can soon lead to several missing teeth.

When the bones of the jaw are not stimulated with a tooth root, you can also suffer bone loss. This too can mean a greater risk of other teeth becoming loose.

Replacing a missing tooth can mean a bridge, which is like dentures but with just one or a few teeth attached. A dental implant is a false tooth that screws into the open gum line and replaces a missing tooth. This too is a good solution offered by cosmetic dentists like DC Dental to protect your oral health.