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4 Signs That You May Need Dentures

Dentures are often a last resort for individuals, as good oral hygiene and regular checkups with a dentist can often help you to avoid the tooth loss that causes you to need dentures. However, there are times when no amount of brushing and flossing can get your teeth healthy, and there's only so much a dentist can do to fix your teeth. Dentures may be a better option for you. Consider some signs that you may need dentures versus any other type of treatment for your teeth.

1. When you get persistent gum infections

Gum disease accounts for about 70% of tooth loss in adults. Most gum infections and gum disease can be controlled with regular flossing and brushing and dental visits, but if your gums are persistently red and irritated and inflamed, this may signal a problem with your immune system or another issue that your body cannot correct on its own. In turn, you may see bone loss that leads to tooth loss and the need for dentures.

2. When teeth continue to shift and move and open up gaps

When teeth shift and move around in your mouth, you probably already have bone loss that is causing this instability of your teeth. This can mean that you're ready for dentures, as the next step of this process is actual tooth loss.

3. When teeth are decayed beyond repair

If you have just one or two teeth that are decayed, you may be able to replace these with implants, which are individual teeth that screw into the gum line. However, if you have several teeth that are decayed, then dentures may be a better option. Tooth decay can lead to gum disease as decaying teeth harbor more germs and bacteria, and this gum disease can then lead to even more teeth becoming decayed and lost.

4. When you're missing teeth already

If you've been missing teeth for some time and haven't replaced them, you may find that you'll soon be missing more teeth. Teeth rely on each other for support, and when you have one missing, this can cause bone loss under the gum line so that other teeth soon become loose. These may then need to be pulled or may eventually fall out, and you will need dentures to replace them.

Remember that dentures today are more durable and more comfortable than ever before, so don't hesitate to talk to a dentist, such as those found at Hornsby Denture Clinic, about this option if you have any of these issues with your teeth.